Cost | £650

We can work from our academy in Nottingham or we are happy to come to you (travel costs over 75 miles)

So how does the day work?
Our one to one program is tailored to you, this is a full hands on workshop totally supervised one to one. We work through 4 haircuts with you using dollshead, we aim to put you at ease and truly help you hone your skills and understanding.

At Bbeducation our WHY is
We love to learn so we teach
We pursue constant personal growth, we want to grow to make others grow we learn to share, we want to keep improving to help others improve. We look for any opportunity to move forward to adapt and make small incremental improvements.

At Bbeducation our core philosophy is perfect small and understand why? Where? and How?
What does this mean? This means you need a solid and firm understanding of the primary shapes, cutting theory and the fundamentals so you can answer the questions why? Where? And how?

How are we different? We look to PERFECT SMALL, we help you to fully understand the WHY, WHERE and HOW putting you in control. We give a nerve free environment with no judgement, teaching pragmatically in a standardised way to ensure traction and to avoid the subjective side of haircutting
What do we offer? We teach haircutting with high attention and focus on the fundamentals and foundations of hairdressing, precision and execution.

Bens says he wants to teach you to cut hair not do a haircut.

This course is designed to introduce you to the basic principles to haircutting. We teach you the language of terminology making the content you learn clear and detailed.
This gives a standardisation and consistency which adds traction to your leaning.
We want you to be able to know why you’re doing something, where it should be done and how you’re going to do it. Putting you in control.

The idea is that after the 1 day you haven’t just learnt and understood the haircuts but you understand the process of haircutting and this will equip you to create beautiful hair.

Bens says he wants to teach you to cut hair not do a haircut.

Times and schedule

Start 9-30 Finish 5pm

We work the day round you, usually its best for you to do as much practical as possible. Ben will also do some theory with you.
Hands on with dolls head (YOU NEED TO SUPPLY) we can get them for you, basic head is £26 and a premium is £35 ideal for short hair.
So, what does this cost, a full day is £650 to secure the booking a no deposit is needed.
Travel within 75 miles is free, after 75 miles we ask for £50 travel costs if it’s over 150 miles we ask for £75
Full payment is needed 5 days before the event.