Welcome to CORE12

 Wed 7 Jun 2023 6:00 PM - Wed 23 Aug 2023 9:00 PM BS
 Online, Zoom
Our 12 week core cutting program is modelled on the colour specialist programs, how so?

It’s one lesson a week for 12 weeks!! All classes are live and online, all classes will be recorded so each participant can watch the tutorial as many times as they need.

All tutorials will be added to a private instagram page 🙂

Each week the participants will be tasked with a lesson, this lesson will have theory as well as practical assessments.

How are they assessed?

Each participant will send me pictures and videos of their shape. Based on this each person may get feedback and may need to redo aspects of their shape. The idea is to get results and not just pass things that need more work, I will communicate with each person if they need additional help.

So lets get you some dates 

How does it work?

This is not compulsory!  If you don't want to cut along or do the haircut after the class you don't have to, you will get more out of the class if you submit you cuts to Ben as he can assess and help you if you need any feedback.

A video showing you how to submit your haircut will be added to the CORE19 private instagram page helping show you how to film your end result and how to take pictures.

What if my haircut is wrong?

Firstly Ben is here to coach you not judge, he will message you personally and help you with explanations and advice. You may need to recut or tweak your result to pass.

Will Ben supervise me cutting? 

Ben won't be able to watch you step by step but all the tutorials will be added to the CORE12 instagram page so you can take your time. 

What happens once I pay?

Ben will email you to welcome you and get some info, things like what you want to get from this course, Ben will send you all your info on where to get mannequin heads from using his discount code.

What Equipment do I need


What if I can't watch it live? 

No problem you can watch it in the CORE12 instagram page, the benefit of the watching live is you can ask Ben questions as he is working.